HQEP Meetup – Featuring Phidev Inc

This month's HQEP startup meetup will be hosted at the Hub on Thursday, August 27th 5:30 pm. This month is on Web Development for startups. Founder of Phidev, Ares Saldana will go over a common dilemma Entrepreneurs encounter at the beginning of their venture. They have to decide whether they should use an inexpensive website builder or choose the custom design approach, developed by a design shop. Ares will review the pros and cons of each approach. Here's an opportunity to get your questions answered by an industry expert. Check out The Phidev site at phidevinc.com
Date: Thursday, August 27, 2015
Time: 5:30 pm - 8 pm

The Hub of Human Innovation – El Paso’s Technology Incubator


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Icon-01 What is the admission criteria? What is the timeline for the application process?  From the initial application submission to the interview, learn all about the application process.

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Icon-02 The Hub maintains an extensive network of resources available to you. Our services include investment capital, business development tools, and many others.

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Icon-03 The Hub’s advisory team will meet with your company using a formalized continuous improvement process to address your company’s established milestones and “gaps” in the business capabilities.

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