September + October Hub Works: Law School for Start-ups: I + II

A two-part series for start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to explore the basic legal issues that should be consider as you start and grow your business. Law school for start-ups provides a platform for participants to understand the legal issues surrounding business creation and operation.
Presented by COX. SMITH.


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Icon-01 What is the admission criteria? What is the timeline for the application process?  From the initial application submission to the interview, learn all about the application process.

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Icon-02 The Hub maintains an extensive network of resources available to you. Our services include investment capital, business development tools, and many others.

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Icon-04 Please check this page often for upcoming networking opportunities, workshops and events. A complete list of events is posted on the calendar for the current month.

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Icon-03 The Hub’s advisory team will meet with your company using a formalized continuous improvement process to address your company’s established milestones and “gaps” in the business capabilities.

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