“Shift” Program



The Hub’s Shift program is based on the business model generation canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder, and the “lean-startup model” popularized by Steve Blank. Lean-startup focuses on engaging potential customers and partners in the early stages of product development. By testing concepts early, entrepreneurs find out what customers and partners want – what works and what doesn’t – and use that information to build a product that is ready to launch faster with less risk.Shift is a hands-on, customer-centered model for people who are looking for an idea, have an idea or have a business. Even if you don’t have an idea but want to be an entrepreneur this course allows you to work through the program testing a real product and give you a leg up when you decide to start your own business, and in your classes. The Shift program is co-sponsored by the Trans Pecos El Paso RCIC.
For more information visit shiftp.org