Team Mentor Program

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The Team Mentor Program (Hub TMP) furthers the mission of The Hub by supporting entrepreneurial activity within the El Paso community and the Paso Del Norte Region. The Hub TMP is modeled after the world class MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) program. The Hub TMP, like the MIT VMS, is based on premises that:

“A fledging venture is more likely to thrive when an idea, good business planning, and an entrepreneur are matched with mentors with proven skills and experience;”

“Successful entrepreneurs can be motivated to ‘give back’ as mentors – and many find the experience compelling and rewarding.”

The Hub TMP consists of volunteer mentors who are overseen and supported in their mentoring role by Hub Management and volunteer Board of Directors. Mentors are recruited and selected for their experience in areas relevant to the needs of Hub Clients and for their enthusiasm for the program. Relationships between mentors and Hub Clients are formed based on the needs and preferences of the Client and the interests of the available mentors.

The Hub TMP is available for Resident and Affiliate Hub Clients who are determined by Hub Management to be “ready” for mentoring. Hub Management and Board Members are eligible as Founding Mentors to launch the program this March. Additional high quality mentors will be recruited through referrals and rigorous screening by Founding Mentors and Hub Management. Strict guidelines for mentors and entrepreneurs assure an unbiased process. Mentors offer guidance and coaching for Hub Clients to learn by doing. Team Mentoring builds a culture of quality, collegiality, trust, and flexibility. Confidentiality and strict management of conflicts of interest are keystones of the program.