Videos and Presentations

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Below you will find videos of our events and copies of presentations.

Researching the Market + Forecasting Sales Workshop: May 22, 2014

Marketing and Sales Tips for Start-Ups and Product Launches

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The Hub of Human Innovation – El Paso’s Technology Incubator, August 2015

TEDTalks: David S. Rose, “10 Things to Know Before You Pitch for a VC”, March 2007

Export/Import Workshop: September 26, 2013

Paso del Norte Venture Expo 2013, Energygreen TV: July 26, 2013 

Hub Works: “Getting to Yes” Pitch Workshop: June 18, 2013 

  • “Getting to Yes” Pitch Workshop Part 1

  • “Getting to Yes” Pitch Workshop Part 2

  • “Getting to Yes” Pitch Workshop Part 3

  • “Getting to Yes” Pitch Workshop Part 4

  • “Getting to Yes” Pitch Workshop Part 5